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                    公司的主要產品為:各規格的檸檬醛,山蒼子精油,檸檬烯,檸檬萜,香茅油,冬青油,桉葉油,姜油,蒜油,香葉油,紫蘇葉油,檸檬桉,八角茴香油等天然香料精油,年加工銷售各類精油達800噸,年產值近億。 產品遠銷至歐洲各國,美國,加拿大等數十個國家和地區,有長期穩定合作的優質客戶。


                    Hunan Hetong Bio-tech Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful city—yongzhou, hunan province, it is a share holder enterprise which is mainly specialized in essential oil and natural aromatic products. Our company has advanced production technology and equipments to offer the best products and services to our customers. Meanwhile, we focus on creating value-added services for all the customers and keeping the value of customer-oriented with principles of “nature, science and technology, health, integrity, cooperation,innovation” .

                    Our company owned Large scale and high-tech workshop and advanced production equipments. R&D department has the technical experts with more than 20 years experience on the filed of essential oil and natural aromatic products, who can supply the best supports for product innovation and technical improvement.

                    The main products of us are different specifications of citral , litsea cubeba oil, limonene, litsea terprense, citronella oil, wintergreen oil, eucalyptus oil globulus, ginger oil, garlic oil, geranium oil, perilla leaf oil, eucalyptus citriodora oil and star anise oil, ect.. All the products have achieved KOSHER certification. The total sale volume of different kinds of essential oil can be up to 800 tons in a normal year, and the total sale amount is nearly to 100 million per year. Our products have been sold well to more than 10 countries and regions including USA, Britain, Germany, France, Spain and etc, in the meantime, good reputation as feedback we got from all the customers.

                    Moreover, we are striving for mutual development with customers and creating a better future together.

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