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                    Product Name: Garlic Oil

                    Botanical Name: Allium sativa

                    CAS #: 8000-78-0 ;8008-99-9

                    Plant Part:seeds

                    Extraction Method: Steam Distillation


                    Odor: Characteristic odor of garlic

                    Appearance: yellow to reddish-brown

                    Relative density(25/25℃):1.054~1.065.
                    Refractive index(25/25℃):1.572~1.579.
                    Rotation index:0°.

                    Solubility: easy soluble in 95% ethanol


                    Used in food additives, feed additives, antioxidants, health fungicides, preservatives, off flavor agent, pharmaceutical intermediates.

                    Package and storage

                    Packing:50kg/iron drum

                    Storage:keep in cool, dry and shading places.

                    garlic oil

                    garlic oil

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