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                    Product name: Wintergreen oil; Gaultheria oil; Menthyl Salicylate.

                    Botanical Name: Gaultheria Procumbens L.

                    CAS #: 68917-75-9

                    Plant Part:  Leaves

                    Extraction Method: Steam Distillation


                    Beverages, toothpaste, cosmetics, spices, also used in preparing analgesics, pesticide, printing ink, Polish etc..


                    Appearance:colorless to pale yellow or red volatile oil

                    Odor: with a characteristic wintergreen aroma

                    Relative density(25℃/25℃):1.16-1.195.

                    Refractive index(20℃):1.523-1.543.

                    Rotation index(20℃):-7°~-14°

                    Content: menthyl salicylate 99% min

                    Solubility(20℃): Soluble in ethyl alcohol, aether, slightly soluble in water.

                    Package and storage

                    Package:220kg/iron drum

                    Storage: stored in dry, cool and ventilated places, and far away from fire and heat, and avoid mixing with oxidizers, alkali and edible chemicals.

                    wintergreen oil

                    wintergreen oil

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