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                    Product Name: Ginger Essential Oil

                    Botanical Name:Zingiber officinale

                    CAS #: 8007-08-7

                    Plant Part: Root

                    Extraction Method: steam distillation


                    Odor: Possess some of the characteristic odor of ginger.
                    Appearance and color: Light yellow to yellow liquid.

                    Relative density(20/20℃):0.870~0.882.
                    Refractive index(20℃):1.488~1.494.
                    Rotation index(20℃):-28°~-45°.
                    Solubility(20℃, 80% Ethanol):1/3.


                    Ginger oil can promote the respiratory, it is an important spice in food and cosmetics, can be also used in medicine and military. Ginger essential oil can usually be used for SPA massage.

                    Package and storage

                    Packing:180kg/iron drum

                    Storage:Stored in tight closed containers at a cool, dry place and keep away from direct strong sunshine, rain and fire.

                    ginger oil

                    ginger oil

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