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                    Product name: Citral

                    Other Names: 3,7-dimethyl-2,6-cyclooctadiene aldehyde

                    CAS No.: 5392-40-5
                    Molecular Formula: C10H16O

                    Natural Variety: Plant Extract


                    Citral content (GC,%): 96% min.

                    Appearance: Pale yellow to yellow transparent liquid

                    Odor: Strong odor of lemon – like

                    Boiling Point: 228~229°C

                    Specific Gravity at(25°C): 0.885~0.891

                    Refractive index at (20°C C): 1.484~1.491

                    Solubility: 1:3 soluble in alcohol 70%

                    Naturally present: litsea cubeba oil, lemongrass, basil oil


                    Daily Flavor, Food Flavor, Tobacco Flavor, it is the raw material in the synthesis of ionone and methylionone and is also used in compounding essence.

                    Package and storage

                    Package: 180kg/iron drum

                    Storage: stored in cool and ventilated places below 25°C, far away from fire, sunshine and air. 



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